Friday, February 4, 2011

Fiddler on the Roof

Come see Fiddler on the Roof tonight and tomorrow at Bountiful High School! 7 pm. Finding, making, dieing, sewing, altering, bribing others to make costumes for the show has consumed my life these past months. Few goofy things still, but over all very exciting to see everything coming together! Amazing kids.... out of time off to get costumes out.

Some very handsome performers
Shot of the villagers and house

The Awesome cast

At elementary assembly

My living room for the past two months... this is actually pretty early on and still very clean!! Scary. And yes I haul the costumes to class, assemblies, practices, shows, etc. and back home again because we have nowhere to store them. One day maybe LPA will build an auditorium...

Jr. High assembly

Learning to put the beard on


Wendy said...

You are such an awesome mom to do costumes! (This from a performer who's mom STILL sews her costumes at age 42!)
Cute catch up. Sorry about Troy's leg. Ouch.
Missed you at lunch but sounds like your life is CRAZY!

Betsy said...

Carlin, you're awesome. I don't know how you keep up! Poor Troy -- hope he's up and at 'em soon. Did I read right -- are you seriously going to Nicaragua? Wow. You are BUSY!!! And amazing!!!

Lori said...

You're such a good mama.

California Garners said...

They look great! I wish we could have come to see the show.

shareenspace said...

Really enjoyed reading what the family is up to these days--A LOT! Hope Troy is doing well.

samsthree said...

Wish we could have come. Glad for the blog and the pictures. Love the costumes