Sunday, February 20, 2011


Kris, Morgan and myself got up and walked along the beach Saturday morning. There were some shops set up and Morgan bought a hammock (it was too long for any of our suitcases so she had to take it as a carry-on). On our way back Amy, Mary, Angie and Dan were braving the HEAT and playing tennis - loco en la cabasa! As Morgan put it : )

We had all of our patio furniture in our room so we could play cards, little crazy, but fun.

Here are two sun burnt girls eating ice cream - Morgans favorite past time. We checked out of our Montelier? hotel on the beach and were heading to Granada. We stopped to take a boat ride through some of the 300+ islands in Lake Nicaragua. There is even a little island with 6 monkeys living on it.

Morgan kept trying to feed this monkey a banana, but they had already had enough visitors for the day and weren't coming down for the food.

Our guide showed us these flowers, they peeled open like a banana and then had red, fringe like centers. Pretty.

We had dinner in Granada (we think it may have been the meal that got everyone sick). Yep, half our group was sick sunday and it lasted about 3 days. Morgan and I were lucky and not affected. This Johnny Depp look a like or want a be, made morgan a bracelet and ring out of wire. Sonia and I ended up getting bracelets from him too. Our were cool with an old Nicaraguan coin on them. In his left ear he was wearing a sea shell. Very piratish - is that a word?

Pool at the Colonial Hotel in Granada. Morgan's last night in Nicaragua and she got to go swimming. Everyone started calling her the mermaid because she loves being in the water and hates getting out. This was definitely the cleanest hotel we stayed at, very nice - two pools with bars and a small, expensive eating area. Very close to the square, shopping and restaurants in Granada.

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