Sunday, April 4, 2010


Another first, even though the kids lived in the Ukraine and the Ukraine is famous for it's Ukrainian Eggs, the kids had never been on an Easter Egg hunt or colored Easter Eggs (died American style or painted Ukrainian style). So Saturday we joined the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Because of the snow they moved it to the tennis courts. It's for ages 1-12, so Grant avoided all pictures and since Tanya had never been on an Easter egg hunt we let her run around. I think she enjoyed it more than anyone else.

Tanya was the only one excited to have a picture with the Easter bunny.

Ethan just wanted pics with his friends being silly, no Easter bunny involved!

Easter Sunday the kids found their baskets by their doors with the color of eggs they had to go find through the house. Troy and I slept in and so I didn't get pictures of their baskets. The usual a silly, small Easter toy, t-shirt, book(s) and some candy and whatever was in the Easter eggs they found.
After conference we colored Easter eggs.


Diana said...

The amount of stuff our kids missed still astounds me. They weren't just physically and emotionally deprived. They were culturally deprived as well. It makes me sad. :-( Honestly, the only things my kids know about Ukraine and Ukrainian culture is what happened at the orphanages and what we've taught them.

Glad you all had fun with your first Easter celebration together!

samsthree said...

love the pictures. It is nice to feel involved when we live so far away. Happy Easter.