Friday, April 30, 2010

Pinewood Derby Tonight

Ok, this is our last cub scout (first year I know, so we have a couple more races ahead of us). So Ethan drew out the design of his car and our amazing neighbors, the Merrills, helped us cut it out. Isn't he so handsome and proud.
I was picking Grant up so I sent the camera with Victor and Troy and got a play by play of the entire race. Here is the track...

Opening exercises... Max conducting (he had an awesome BYU car).

Waiting for their names to be called to enter their cars in the race... exciting.
Ethans first race...

His car came in second place...
The next race he again came in second place and when he raced the other 2nd placers he came in third and was then out of the race. But his car did pretty good and he thought it was great he came in 2nd twice. Grants first year of pinewood derby his car came in first every race until the final race and he came in second and the tears spilled and he was terribly upset. So I think this was much better to be in the middle and stay in the middle than to be winning and get it pulled out from under you. Grants third year his car came in last almost every race, we obviously quit trying.

This is when I arrived and he smiled and showed off his car for me.

He got the award for most modern design... awesome!


Derby Monkey said...

Congrats to Ethan for the car design award. That is a super cool Pinewood Derby car. Yes, he is a handsome and proud young man. Keep up the good work.

Wendy said...

Wow! When you really blog!!
Pinewood Derbys can bring tears from both boys and men! I agree, better to be 2nd then lose at the end. Fortuanly for us, Alex moved to eleven year old scouts right before the derby. He was invited to participate but knowing his issues with being the best AND making things-we passed. It just didn't seem like a good idea.
Good grief is right! What a mess with your Suburban. I hope your third thing is minor OR positive. Like you find a hundred dollars tapped to your rear bumper. My mom say's bad things and death come in three's too.
How awesome that you are so willing to help with the school play. I hope it goes off successfully. No one knows how much work these play takes like a stage a mom.
Your yard is beautiful! It's like a park-playground-paradise.
Fire. What's with boys and fire? Crazy.
So, good to hear from you. Hope you can make it Wednesday day.

Jen said...

Hope you are well! Life is getting slowly back to normal??? Maybe ours lives will never be normal again, but it sounds like you're feeling a little happier and I'm glad for that.

samsthree said...

wow,you have a real track. love the car ethan.