Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

This week was our spring break, but due to a birthday, play practice and a baptism we decided not to attempt going anywhere. So we made lots of things and the kids finally got to play outside and ride their bikes (a lot). I've been working on cutting out and sewing some costumes and making some (small/simple) props for the Jr. High musical. Oh, and cutting off pants for shorts this summer. In the process Grant and Morgan have become facinated with sewing and have been asking me to help them sew things. I finally told them in the summer we could make some things, but some how Grant talked me helping him sew the wallet, pictured above, out of cut off levi's. Pretty clever kid. It turned out pretty good for just winging it. Then in Young Women's Tanya learned how to make these scarves and finished this one this week. We also painted little china sets for the dolls and not pictured made lots of cool rings. It was a fun week, but I'm ready for school to start so I can finish all the little things I started, Grant would appreciate that too since the sewing machine and craft stuff is in his bedroom.

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