Friday, April 30, 2010

Where have I been?

Grant is in the HS/JR High production of Crazy for You! this year. He is playing Wyatt. Very exciting in that he has lines this year and is one of the guys tap dancing on the store roof. Although his character then jumps, 8 feet, off the roof! Ackkkk. So instead of blogging I have been sewing costumes and making/finding props. I even helped build the balcony and stairs on the set the other night (Mike would be proud, I still remember how to use power tools!). I then roped my mom into helping me sew. She ended up sewing 15 pink dresses and resized and hemmed the dresses I was sewing! Isn't she an ANGEL! She also taught me how to put in a zipper! Exciting stuff going on around here.

The musical is next weekend and should be great. There are so many parents working hard to get the set/props finshed so we can have a wonderful performance. For those interested it will be at Davis High Schools Theater. Yep being a charter school we don't, yet, have an autitorium... maybe next year? hmmm. There will be performances at 6:30 Friday and Saturday and a matinee on Saturday at 1 pm. This is a big change for the kids, it's a full fledge musical with lots of tap dancing! The last two years they have performed Jr. High productions, so they have been working like crazy to pull this together.

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Diana said...

You go, girl!

We have another one for sure coming now, too. :-)